Bringing Customizable Japanese Seals to the World

Greetings! I'm Kojiro Okayama, representing Okada Shokai Co., Ltd., the driving force behind the esteemed Japanese stamp brand, "FANCO."

Situated in the heart of Osaka, Japan, our company has been a pioneering stamp manufacturer since 2016, specializing in the creation of stamps adorned with beloved characters from the world of Japanese anime and gaming. Fast forward to September 2023, and our stamp series stands as a beacon of success, having seamlessly collaborated with a myriad of iconic Japanese anime and gaming franchises. It has graced the pages of over 1,200 media outlets in Japan and found its way into the hands of over 130,000 enthusiasts, solidifying its status as a cherished commodity.

Japan boasts a vibrant culture centered around the concept of "oshi," representing one's unwavering support for beloved characters, idols, and other cherished entities—a sentiment akin to the English term "fandom." Within Japan, kindred "oshi" spirits connect, fostering exchanges of information and spirited interactions.

In the Japanese context, stamps serve as both personal identifiers and potent tools of self-expression. Enter "FANCO," the stamp series tailored for aficionados of Japanese anime and cinematic treasures. It empowers individuals to proudly declare their allegiance to their chosen "fandom" and express their heartfelt affinities.

The "FANCO" series, commencing with the mighty Godzilla, continues to enchant enthusiasts with beloved titles such as "My Hero Academia" and "NARUTO." Our customizable stamps, where you can seamlessly incorporate your favorite characters or your own name, stand as a medium for self-expression, akin to a personalized signature.

With "FANCO," a synergy of Japan's rich stamp heritage and the enchanting world of anime, we invite you to savor the exhilaration of unapologetically showcasing your passions. For us, there's no greater joy than witnessing you express your love in style.