Two and a half years after the fierce battle of The Final Valley of the End...
Naruto returns to the village after finishing a trip of training with Jiraiya and meets Sakura, who has grown into a dependable medical-nin and Kakashi, unchanged. The original gang has all matured. The excitement from the reunion is brought to an abrupt stop when Konoha receives a shocking message. Gaara who had become a Kazekake of the Hidden Sand Village is taken away by "Akatsuki"! "Akatsuki" who had become aggressive are hunting all tailed beasts. As a Jinchuriki feeling the same pain, Naruto worries about Gaara and creates a trio with Kakashi and Sakura under Tsunade. They depart on a mission to rescue Gaara. How will the battle with "Akatsuki" who has extreme powers end up!? What is Sasuke's fate who's about to be over powered by Orochimaru's Living Corpse Reincarnation?! Naruto's battle causes another whirlwind!


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Refil ink

Use it on gift tags, greeting cards, letters, memos and more!

Hanko is stamp or seal used in Japan since 1,300 years ago. Today, it is still used for official documents and for everyday use such as receiving packages. The personalised hanko can be used for letters, greeting cards, personalizing your posessions and in any other way you like!


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