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Dry-drying-multisuperficie Refil ink 

Dry-drying-multisuperficie Refil ink 

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Bring some cool hues to your next rainy-day project with this collection of 7 refill ink from Sanby. Pair your favorite shade with a playful stamp and add a pop of color to any card or craft.

Brand Sanby
Ink Color 1 Color
Package Size 4.53 x 2.64 x 0.98 inches
Paint Type Oil
Item Volume 30 Milliliters

About Sanby

For a century now, Sanby Co. has specialized in the development and production of stamps and inks with the aim of creating lighthearted products that fit into your daily life. Since 2001, Sanby has also been committed to an eco-friendly business model utilizing recycled plastics and refillable inks, reducing waste and creating items you can truly feel good about using every day.

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Selfink Type:

  • This stamp is made using the Japanese boxwood, also known as "wooden diamond." It comes with a cylindrical case featuring characters from 'My Hero Academia,' and it can be used as a personal seal for official purposes, such as in banking transactions in Japan.
  • There are various ways to use it, including:

    1)Personal Stationery: Add a unique touch to your letters, cards, and invitations by stamping your name or a character on them.

    2)DIY Crafts: Incorporate the stamp into your crafting projects like scrapbooking, journaling, or creating personalized gifts.

    3)Artistic Expression: Use the stamp to add character to your artwork, illustrations, or even on canvas.

    4)Collectibles: If you're a fan of 'My Hero Academia,' it can be a collectible item to showcase your love for the series.

    5)Signature Seal: Utilize it as a distinctive signature on official documents.

    6)Gifts: Give it as a thoughtful and personalized gift to friends or family who share your interests.

    These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

There are various ways to use it


Special Open Sale!


Special gift for all Hero-academia lovers who use unique images for youre letter. Let’s give your hero a little surprise now!

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Customer Feedback

"Bakugo is incredibly cool! I also want to buy another character!"

James R.


"I purchased ones with my name and the character's name! Both the case and the stamp were adorable. I'm thinking of using them for letters to my My Hero Academia-loving friends and for official purposes like at the bank!"

Joy P.


"I've always wanted a stamp with a character, so I was really thrilled when I found it! Thank you so much for selling such a great product!! It's very user-friendly!! I'll continue using it for a long time to come!!"

Mike R.


"Since I can include not only my name but also a message, I made it for everyday use. It's enjoyable from the ordering process because I can create it with my favorite character. It seems that other characters will be added too, and now I want to make a second one!"

Kevin H.


"I purchased both the wood carving and the stamp. The wood carving requires some effort to press the character's face cleanly. The details of the face are intricately carved, and it's just like the character itself."

Young C.


"I ordered it as a present for my friend. While looking at it, I wanted one for myself as well, so I placed another order for one more."

Chris B.


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